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CDK Escape Hatches + How to Export CDK to CloudFormation

We will look at CDK escape hatches, including the ultimate one: exporting to independent CloudFormation.

Tips and Tricks for Developing CDK Construct using Projen

Projen is an essential tool for creating CDK constructs. But it is opinionated. We will look into tips and tricks on how to overcome its constraints.

Improving CloudWatch Alarms for Lambda Errors

A simple solution to improve the CloudWatch alarm to receive Lambda error details by email. Available as CDK construct or as CloudFormation.

ServerlessSpy—Gain Insight into the Cloud and Write Serverless Tests with Ease

ServerlessSpy is a CDK-based library for writing integration tests on AWS serverless, and it comes with a web console to monitor events in real time.

OpenAPI + Zod + API Gateway + SST = Turbo Productivity

How to boost productivity with OpenAPI schema, Zod library, and client-generated code. Included is a sample serverless app built with SST/CDK.

Load Testing Serverless Application using k6

Serverless is ultimately scalable until it is not. You need to do load testing to make sure that your solution scales. The k6 is an amazing tool for that.

Nine Ways to Lose Data Using Serverless Without Even Knowing It

Designing a serverless system can be complex, and without knowing the internal workings of the services, you could easily lose the data.

How I Passed 5 AWS Certifications in 3 Weeks

In January 2022, I achieved all AWS Associate and Professional certificates. Here are my secrets behind that.

DynamoDB Design Patterns for Single Table Design

Designing DynamoDB data models with single table design patterns can unlock its potential of unlimited scalability and performance for a very low price.

8 Challenges Teams Face When Doing Serverless

Serverless, as new technology, brings new challenges to the team. New technology is not the only thing to learn.

AWS Serverless Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Serverless, for the most part, is the promised land of software development. But it isn’t always a bed of roses.

JavaScript - From Obscure Language to Mainstream Language for Serverless

JavaScript was for decade considered a failed language. But now it is a mainstream multipurpose language that also fits perfectly with serverless solutions.

My Choice of Tools for Serverless Development

Serverless is a relatively new technology. But because of popularity, there are many tools you can use.

Road to Serverless

This is a short summary on what you are getting yourself into when starting with serverless.

Principals of Serverless Design Patterns

Serverless is not just old technology labeled with a new buzzword. It requires a different approach. But the hardest part is forgetting the rules we have learned.